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Около 1330 - около 1340, Генуя / Additional 27695, f. 14. The British Library. Source

Обжорство – одно из Семи смертных грехов. Чревоугодие сопровождается неумеренным употреблением алкоголя.

Gluttony. Miniature of a scene in a tavern illustrating Gluttony with men drinking, and below a cellarer passing up a drink. Cuttings from a Latin prose treatise on the Seven Vices. Author Cocharelli. Origin: Italy, N. W. (Genoa). Date: c. 1330 - c. 1340. Language Latin. Script Gothic. Artist Master of the Cocharelli Codex (active in Genoa, ca. 1330). Italian cuttings. Other leaves and cuttings of this volume are Add. 28841, Egerton 3127 and 3781; Cleveland, Museum of Art, J.H. Wade Fund n. 1953.152; and Florence, Museo del Bargello, inv. 2065. Another section was sold as part of 'Eine Wiener Sammlung', Berlin, 12 May 1930, lot 3, with plate.

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