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Поля молитвенника. Брюссель, XIV век


Молитвенник. XIV век. Брюссель. Язык ~средненидерландский и частично – латынь. via

"Акробат" со "снеговиком" на полях молитвенника XIV века из Брюсселя.

И пара мельниц:


Not all illuminators belong to the fore front of medieval illumination. The illuminator, or more likely, the two illuminators who illustrated at the of the fourteenth century in Brussels a prayerbook in Dutch and some Latin. Most prayers are rhyming and the script is refined. And so the illumination is, or at least: at first sight. Closer inspection makes clear that the illuminators are following well know patterns, although they very likely didn’t work in a main centre of manuscript illumination. Brussels could have been that second-rate centre. If you look at the marginalia they turn out to be funny and sometimes very original. The melting snowman is good example. But they lack the refinement of the really top notch borders. via

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